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ECOlogically VIable Business innovation through ECVET compliant digital Entrepreneurial Skills training

Eco-innovation refers to the development of products and adoption of processes contributing to sustainable development and significantly decreasing any negative environmental impact.

The importance of sustainable development and innovation is higher in small and medium-sized entreprises (SMEs), which cannot afford spending resources into traditional and unproductive processes. Entrepreneurship is a key driver of economy and social prosperity in Europe and we cannot afford entrepreneurs losing their motivation and competing capacity in today’s fast-moving economy. We need to make sure we equip entrepreneurs with strong foundations on the right set of skills and competencies and help them pursue innovative and sustainable means of working. This directly links to the adoption of innovative practices, taking advantage of all the tools offered in today’s digital era. Sustainability cannot be separated from a sustainable environment and this is a cycle which entrepreneurs need to appreciate and invest in: eco-innovation. This will generate a global impact on EU objectives related to the environment and climate change.

The ECO-VIBES team understands the positioning of the selected sectoral and horizontal priorities in the context of a more general EU framework on climate change & energy efficiency, with the goals revised into higher values for the 2030 targets. In addition, the objectives of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training, among others, have set the goal to make lifelong learning a reality and enhance creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship at all levels of education and training.

Target groups:

  • Directly:
    • Existing and aspiring eco-entrepreneurs and startup owners
    • Young company (SME) owners
    • Entrepreneurial and SME networks
  • Indirectly:
    • Students in Economy and Business departments, Technology departments and Ecological departments of Universities/Colleges
    • Providers of education/training material for digital skills and business innovation
    • Policy makers in environmental sustainability of businesses


  • Diversified client base of the targeted entrepreneurs and the society as a whole

Start date: 01 November 2021
End date: 31 October 2023

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